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So, What Is Shot At Real Uyyalawada’s House?


Of course, there are no historical forts or big palaces of Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy that remained even now, such that Sye Raa team could straight away go there and shoot. But, the family members of Uyyalawada including Dastagiri Reddy, a fight generation descendant of Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy, have claimed that Sye Raa was shot at their home.

In fact, the team of Sye Raa have visited the houses of these 22 so-called heirs of Uyyalwada family and have filmed them. But that is not for the film, and that is for the reference material they have created to compile the story. At the same time, one of the family members claimed that the set constructed in Kokapet belongs to them and that is their property only.

But the fact is that the set was erected in a private land of 20 acres (which is rumoured to be owned by Mega family only) and how come Uyyalawada family will who hails from Kurnool will own a set built on the outskirts of Hyderabad? Seems like all these claims are being made only to demand money but nothing else.

Speaking with an English daily, producer NV Prasad (Tirupathi Prasad), a close of aide of Mega family, once again clarified, “The story of Uyyalwada Narasimha Reddy belongs to everyone and there is no need to pay any single penny to anyone for making a biopic on his life. Charan met them and promised them lunch at their village and help them, but that doesnt mean these people will come to Hyderabad to extract money from him“.

About the set in Kokapet, he added, “How come something built in the farmhouse of Chiranjeevi garu, which got gutted in fire, actually belongs to Uyyalawada family? These people should speak sense“.

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