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Sandeep And Co. Tries Cheap Trick To Get Attention


To promote a film, these days makers are going to any extent. Recently a Tamil film starlet has released a Facebook video where she complained that her husband is ill-treating her every day. Later it was revealed that actually, she made that video to promote her latest movie, where she plays the role of a wife who is getting domestically abused.

And now, comedian Priyadarshi stunned everyone by releasing a video of his bike being stolen by a guy wearing a mask. As twitterati shared that multiple times, Hyderabad Police responded to that officially, asking him to share the location of the happening. Then came Sandeep Kishan into the picture, revealing the truth.

“Sorry this got more serious than we expected..it’s a fun promotional campaign that we are doing for #NinuVeedaniNeedaniNene. As we dint get Priyadarshi’s dates..we had his bike make a special appearance in our film”, he tweeted in reply to Priyadarshi’s tweet, as many journalists also kept asking the comedian if he has filed a complaint or not.

The moment this hero shared the truth, netizens blasted the team for such cheap promotions as there many guys out there who lost their bikes and they know the pain of losing one. Score a hit by delivering a film with better content, but not with cheap tricks, opined many.

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