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Rana Daggubati with Shekar Kammula’s Next Movie

‘Leader’,’Life is Beautiful’,’Anamika’ is Shekar Kammula’s popular movies.For last three years without addresses for Shekar kammula. Only a few months ago, once again proved to be a movie on ‘Fida’. The film has seen the blockbuster hit look back to the whole industry. Many heroes are eager to do the film with him. However, Kammula has chosen Rana Daggubati as the hero in his next film. Rana is known to be the hero of the movie ‘Leader’ with the introduction of the hero. After that, they were promising to come up with “Leader 2”. But it did not materialize.

Shekhar has now contacted Rana with a new story. Nithin or Vijay Devarakonda wanted to make the film. Rana also seems to be willing to do the film. Rana’s dates will tell you when the movie starts. It is said that the full script will be ready for two to three months. It is not yet clear who produces this movie. A powerful full-screen script with contemporary elements is done. By the time of ‘Leader’ in the Rana-Shekhar combination, there is no craze on the film on that time. But now Rana is a big star. Kammula also came up with ‘Fida’movie. In this combination, the movie is going to be the most craze.

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