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Rajamouli And TANA, What Went Wrong?


Two contradictory social media posts from TANA chief and Rajamouli have led the NRI fans into confusion. Because, actually Rajamouli was welcomed by TANA president Satish Vemana at the airport, whose pictures are now going viral.

And then there comes a clarification tweet from Rajamouli saying, “Friends, I have come to Washington on a personal work. Not for TANA convention. I might not even attend peddanna’s musical show. I do not want people to expect me at the convention and get disappointed. Hence the clarificarion (sic)”.

So, is it an coincidence that Rajamouli landed in the USA at a time when Satish Vemana and other TANA representatives are present at the airport? Some NRIs are however saying that they never knew Rajamouli was coming for the event, as TANA organizers did not mention it anywhere in the celebration details or in the guests list.

So it is probably a coincidence where TANA Organizers met Rajamouli at the airport while they were receiving other guests and respectfully welcomed him to the event for which Rajamouli must have clarified to end the dilemma.

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