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Radio Vs LLP: New War In Tollywood


A new war was broke out in Tollywood. The fight is between some producers and the radio channels. Going into details, the Associated Producers of Telugu LLP (formed by some producers as a group) who control the publicity of films in TV channels and have special rates with the listed channels, have also tried to finger into radio publicity business. The LLP have allegedly asked the radio campaign sellers to give at lower rates and this hasn’t gone down well with them. This eventually created differences between the radio sellers and the LLP.

With this, ego hurt LLP has put a condition to film producers that who ever give business to radio channels will not be able to use the LLP deal that gives TV channel ad packages at lesser rates. Simply put, producers have been told by the LLP that they have to choose one between TV channels and radio. The LLP team reportedly told the fellow producers to not encourage radio business.

While it is the prerogative of the film producers whether to promote their film on radio or not, the condition from the LLP is hurting the producers and the producers are forcibly keeping radio business out.

Hurt with this, radio channels have decided not to promote the films and their songs on their FMs in the release week. Eventually, this may hurt the producers back as it is all chain and linked with each other. Usually, radio channels pay to music companies, lables for playing the songs. If radios cut down buying out the audio from labels, this will effect the revenues of audio companies. And naturally, audio companies who are now buying the music rights of the films at exorbitant prices may not buy the content from makers at such big prices and this will finally effect the producers in one way or the other way. In one way, they are losing out the publicity and in the other way, they are losing out the revenue.

With this, many producers are urging the LLP to rethink its decision on radios. Let’s hope the issue will be resolved soon.

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