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Hero Rajasekhar’s Honest Words As A Father!


Hero Rajasekhar is quite happy with the way the careers of his daughters Sivani and Sivathmika are shaping up, however, he revealed some concerns, as he spoke his heart out at Dorasani pre-release event.

“My kids are expressing their desire to work in the film industry since they were kids. But I’m always worried, what are they gonna do if they fail in the film industry. There should be a Plan B like I have an MBBS degree as I could and practice Medicine at any given time” stressed Rajasekhar, talking about his daughters.

And he spoke about the mental pressure Film Industry actually puts up on individuals. “There are those actors who slipped into depression after they failed to score well in the film industry. More than hard work and talent, here a bit of luck is needed. I want my daughters to be happy even if luck doesn’t shine on them” he added. Well, his good words are for everyone coming to the film industry.

Then he addressed the elephant in the room, which is nothing but nepotism. As both Anand Devarakonda and Sivathmika, the lead pair of Dorasani has roots in Film industry already, Rajasekhar says, “People think that for celebrities’ kids everything will happen just like that and they term it nepotism. But there is nothing such. My daughter worked hard, please watch her work and bless her”.

As Dorasani is releasing on July 12th, we have to see how his daughter makes this ‘honest’ father so proud. Hope for the best.

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