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GoodTalk About Rajashekar Movie-Shocking Profits of Garudavega

Rajashekhar who has the image of Angry Young Man in that time has not been in the form for a long time. Even though it is believed to be a big budget film with PSV Garudavega. Praveen Sattar is directing this movie but it is a superb debut but the box office does not seem to be at that level.There are no chances of getting into the safe zone. There are huge profits, but the box office does not appear. So far 5 crores per share has been shared and 9 crores share comes in the profit zone. However, in the case of the collections, other parts of the form of the good lapse are to see Rajasekhar. It seems to be a huge amount of other rights. The superb talk comes to the Garudavega movie. The people also appreciate the sale of satellite rights to the huge amount. Sunny Leone has also acted in item song in this movie.

There is also a good demand for digital format rights. Remake offers are also coming from various languages. Many people have already been asked about Tamil remake rights .. They say that a good deal is a deal to sell the Garudavega Tamil rites. Even though the box office does not make much farewell, Rajasekhar is supposed to enjoy superpower. The producer is different from this movie .. The major share of this hero is to get out of it.

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