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Finally, Samantha Is Going To Sleep!


“As there is no one to take the film deeper into people, I’ve been promoting it extensively. I hope Oh Baby will deliver the needful” is what Samantha said a couple of days ago when she was quizzed about the high intense promotions of the film she undertook.

And then, since last night, the actress would have slept barely a couple of hours, because she’s there all the time watching the reports on social media about ‘Oh Baby’. Though the Premiere Talk got a hit talk for the movie, she’s still unhappy and didn’t sleep well. And from the morning, she’s busy appreciating every single review of the film tweeted to her and replying to 100s of tweets as well.

She has even shared memes where they explained the feelings of Oh Baby team right now. Also, the actress earlier stated that she will be happy to see the grand First Day collections for the movie, and going by the word of mouth at theatres, all the first shows and second shows might help her see a mighty figure.

With ‘Oh Baby’ getting 3 and above stars from all quarters, surely Samantha will have a great time ahead at the box office. Responding to a Twitter query, she now says, “Finally, I’m going sleep”, though she’s still busy replying, retweeting and liking tweets.

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