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Falana Abbayi, Falana Ammayi- An Interesting Title


One of the talented young heroes, Naga Shourya is still dreaming to score a big hit such that his position will be strong. Though films like Oohalu Gusa Gusalade and Chalo happened for him, somehow they are not helping him to next level.

We do know that Naga Shourya is coming up with Ashwaddhama under the direction of a newcomer already. For this film, the story is written by Naga Shourya himself. And then, he’s starring in the next rom-com of actor Avasarala Srinivas, who has earlier made Oohalu and Jo Atchutananda with him.

We hear that the film got an interesting title, as Avasarala always opts for something crazy and poetic as well. “Falana Abbayi.. Falana Ammayi” is the title of this movie which will feature Naga Shourya in almost seven different avatars. He’s said to be essaying the roles of different ages of the hero in that way.

Interesting titles always create a buzz around the movie and though there is 70% of the film yet to be shot, this title already started creating buzz for the young hero who has just starred in super hit ‘Oh Baby’.

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