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Director Makes Heroine Wear Bikini Just For Pleasure


Usually, bikini scenes or an exposing scene is shot in a film whenever the script demands. But in a shocking act, the director of an upcoming film said to have made the heroine wear bikini only to please his eyes. On the sets, the said director told the heroine a bold scene and convinced her to wear the bikini scene.

But actually, there is no such scene in the movie as per the film’s unit and the bold scene has been shot only for to make himself and everyone in the unit happy by seeing her beauty in a bikini.

Unit sources confirmed that the bikini sequence is not there in the final cut of the movie and the director told the team that it has been edited out. But insiders say that the director is aware that the bikini scene is not required at all in the first place and he had just made the heroine wear bikini and shot for the scene in the bikini for unit folks! This is something really unheard of!

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